Culinary services

The Casserole Queens offer full-service recipe creation and testing, as well as recipe writing. Combining the technical expertise of Chef Sandy’s culinary skills and Crystal’s marketing smarts and at-home sensibilities—the Casserole Queens make the perfect team for testing your recipes.

Think Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and—well maybe those aren't the best examples, but having a pair of minds that approach things from two different viewpoints will provide you with superb results.

The Queens are here to help you develop and perfect your recipes so that they are the best they can be. Not only can we test the ingredients and accuracy of the measurements, but we can also help fine tune the recipe's flavor profiles, as well as assist in the final version of the written recipe. In addition to recipe testing, creating and writing, we offer full-scale food writing—whether it is for cookbooks, brand promotions, product reviews, or anything else you can cook up! Cook up... get it? Funny, right? All kidding aside, we are really qualified for the job.

What do we have to offer, exactly? Great question!

  • We Know Food. From Anise to Za'atar, there's not much we haven't heard of, much less cooked. This broad knowledge helps us know how to select substitutions or change flavor profiles. The taste and appeal of the final product relies on the quality of what goes in it. Why are we so food knowledgeable? Well, the smart-sounding answer is that Sandy was classically trained and Crystal was born and raised in front of a stove. While both of those are totally true, we'd say the main reason we know our kale from our arugula is that we both just love to eat! We've picked the right career path, don't you think?!

  • We Understand Technique. We know what approach to take, when to take it, and how to write the final recipe so that it's easy to understand, no matter the audience.

  • We've Been Around the Block. We authored a New York Times best-selling cookbook and our second book debuted August 20, 2013. We are monthly contributors for Woman’s Day, and we host our own YouTube web series. Recipes are kind of our thing!

For more information on our culinary services and how to work with The Queens, contact us.