Our story

Let’s back up a bit to a warm, summer night in Austin, Texas. Lots of folks have asked us how we got started, and the truth is that the idea for the Casserole Queens was conceived one night while contemplating life over a salty margarita (or two). (See recipe for “Idea-Generating Margaritas” to right.)

As we sipped, Sandy spoke of how she was charmed by a recent holiday visit with her family. Sandy had decided to make all the Pollocks’ signature dishes with her mom and siblings. The food was heavenly and conversation centered on the good memories generated by these favorite recipes. She described the evening (while Crystal continued to sip), and proposed the idea of a business designed to help bring families back together at the dinner table with home-cooked goodness. Crystal, being from the South, couldn’t agree more. Food and families go hand-in-hand where she grew up. In a world where people are always in a hurry and have little time for the dinner table, the idea of convenient home-cooked meals is something that Sandy and Crystal both truly believed in. Hence, the Casserole Queens was born.

Now we aren’t saying that all great ideas start this way, but we have been preaching the gospel of casseroles for more than seven years. From our humble beginnings as small food delivery service, to writing cookbooks – we have been sporting heels, aprons and the timeless tradition of mom’s best recipes all throughout the journey!